Join the new Livestock Farmer Caucus

Are you a farmer or rancher that’s passionate about raising livestock and feeding your local community? Do you wish you could connect with other farmers, ranchers, and Alliance members across the state to share knowledge and resources, discuss issues, and work on solutions together? 

The Livestock Farmer Caucus will launch when we have 80 leaders signed up, a critical mass. You can help launch the Livestock Farmer Caucus this year.

We’ve heard from farmers and ranchers across the state; that you want to share your victories and brainstorm solutions to your problems; that you are bumping up against a system that isn’t set up to support the uniqueness of local livestock production – and you want to change it. Whether you’re raising poultry, dairy, swine, beef, bison, or anything else, if you’re trying to feed your community and are tired of going it alone, we want to connect with you!

Now there’s a way! Help shape and launch a Livestock Farmer Caucus. 

The Livestock Farmer Caucus will be a space for livestock producing members of Illinois Stewardship Alliance to: 

  • Meet and network with other like-minded farmers who share your passion for local meat, dairy, wool, and egg production
  • Shape a policy agenda that supports local livestock production and addresses the unique challenges you face.
  • Sharpen your skills as a leader of local livestock production.
  • Get the latest insider intel on programs, policies, grants, and educational opportunities that impact local livestock farmers and ranchers

The Livestock Farmer Caucus will be closely modeled after the Alliance’s existing Local Food Farmer Caucus and Soil Health Farmer Caucus. Some of our existing livestock farmers are members of one or both of those caucuses already.  

We have heard you and realized that livestock producers have unique needs that may not fall completely into one of the existing caucuses.  In order to give Livestock producers their own space and opportunity to have their voices heard and connect with other like minded farmers and ranchers we are launching a brand new Livestock Farmer Caucus.

The Caucus will hold regular virtual meetings and networking events, in-person meet-up opportunities, educational events,  and opportunities to meet directly with decision-makers to advocate for the issues you care about. 

Our Caucuses have been incredibly successful in tackling some of the biggest issues facing farmers in Illinois. To date our Caucuses have helped pass legislation that improves cottage food law, streamlines regulations at farmers markets, increases funding for conservation programs that serve farmers, and have established a grant program to serve Local Food Infrastructure needs in Illinois.  

Now we’re interested in offering a Caucus just for you– Livestock Farmers and Ranchers!

You can help launch the Livestock Farmer Caucus Caucus by signing up today.

The Livestock Farmer Caucus will launch when we have 80 leaders signed up, a critical mass. You can help launch the Livestock Farmer and Rancher Caucus this year.