Join farmers across the state in the Local Food Famer Caucus!

Are you a farmer or advocate that’s passionate about local food production? Are you looking to connect with others that share your passion?

If you answered yes, then the Local Food Farmer Caucus is right for you!

What is a caucus?

The word “caucus” has Native American origins as the Algonquian word for “counsel.” We would like to think of the Local Food Farmer Caucus as being counselors and advisers, not just to the Alliance, but to each other, because Local Food Caucus farmers know what it takes to grow nutritious food for their family and provide for their community for years to come.

The Caucus is under Farmer-led Leadership: 

Why should I join the caucus?

For too long decisions have been made without farmers at the table. This Caucus changes that. We believe that Illinois can feed Illinois, and when we work as a collective, farmer-led voice, we can change mindsets and create a stronger local food movement. The Local Food Farmer Caucus will help develop a thriving, economically viable and just local food system in Illinois.

You can count on the Alliance Local Food Caucus for opportunities to:

  • Meet and network with other like-minded farmers who share your passion for local food
  • Shape a local food policy agenda,
  • Sharpen your skills as a leader of the local food movement, and
  • Get the latest insider intel on programs and policies that impact the local food economy.

We look to local food farmers in the Caucus to weigh in on our advocacy agenda, drive adoption of sustainable and diversified farming practices, speak out on the need for greater transparency in the food system, raise awareness for local supply chains, and educate decision-makers on issues that impact farmers

For more information contact our Lead Policy Organizer, Liz Rupel at:

Current members as of December 2020:

  • Jeff Adams, Theodora Farms
  • Randy Arends
  • Jim Armstrong
  • Nicoele Arseneau, 3 Winds Farm
  • Cyndy Ash, Jubilee Farms
  • Annie and Matt, Shire Regenerative Farm
  • Traci Barkley, Sola Gratia Farm
  • Tim Benedict, Orion Organics
  • Marc Bernard, Rustic Road Farm
  • Rachel Berry, Illinois Hemp Growers Association
  • Dave Bishop, PrairiErth Farm
  • Katie Bishop, PrairiErth Farm
  • Clint Bland, Bland Family Farms
  • Raya Carr, Mint Creek
  • Lorien Carsey
  • Ann Chaney and Mike Owney, Grace Farm Studios
  • Crystal Clair, Sunset Lake Organics
  • Johari Cole-Kweli, Iyabo Farms
  • Jackie de Batista, Irish Grove Farms
  • Rachel Deffenbaugh, Theodora Farms
  • Elizabeth DeRuntz, LEAF
  • Andy Diaz, Urban Acres
  • Amy Didominicis
  • Edward Dubrick, DuChick Ranch
  • Stephanie Dunn, Star Farm Chicago
  • Kevin Erickson, Loyola University
  • Kim Erndt-Pitcher, Prairie Rivers Network
  • Derek and Libby Ervin, Glacier’s End Farm
  • Jill Franke, Tin Shed Farm
  • Cailee Gates
  • Patty Gray, Harvest Table Foods
  • Douglas Gucker, University of Illinois
  • Jeff Hake, Funk’s Grove Heritage Fruits and Grains
  • Jason Halm, Green Earth Harvest
  • Andrea Hazzard, Hazzard Free Grain
  • Betsy Hendrick and Ann Swanson, Hendrick House
  • Jamie Jamnik, Lucky 7 Farms
  • Wes Jarrell and Leslie Cooperband, Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery
  • Christine Johnson, Wild Trillium Farm
  • Katie Kennedy, Timberfeast Farms
  • Erin Keyser, Jo Daviess Local Foods
  • Kelly Lay
  • Ann Knowles, Hickory Grove Farm
  • Cliff McConville, All Grass Farms
  • Demarkius Medley, Greenlords Inc.
  • Erin Meyer, Basils Harvest
  • Diana Mondragon, The Conservation Foundation
  • Jen and Jeff Miller, Prairie Wind Family Farm
  • Deborah Niemann-Boehle, Antiquity Oaks
  • Jody and Beth Osmund, Cedar Valley Sustainability Farm
  • Katie Palomares, Mighty Greens Farm
  • Tam Pirmann, River to River Farm
  • Anita Poeppel, Broad Branch Farm
  • Kyle Reed, Fox Path Farms
  • Hendrica Regez
  • Jill Rendleman, All Seasons Farm
  • Veronica Reuter, The Great Bouquet
  • Elizabeth Richter
  • Nicole Robinson
  • Mary Rossow
  • Tim Roth, Living Light Farms
  • Marjorie Sawicki, Acorn Ridge Farm
  • Lindy Schmidt, Funkhaus Farm
  • Stephanie Schwengel
  • Selma Sims, Gardeneers
  • Morgan Snedden, Fox at the Fork
  • Thomas Sublewski
  • Katherine Szymanski
  • Megan Tyminski, Theodora Farms
  • Shaun Tyson, Tyson Farms
  • Jill and Chad VonderHaar, Mainstreet Pastures
  • Joe Wanda, Wanda Farms
  • John Williams, Red Crib Acres
  • Gretta Winkelbauer, Gretta’s Goats